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Same-Day Delivery Service

Your convenience and urgency is our priority. We pick up and deliver your order immediately the very  SAME DAY , no matter how big it is, how much it weighs or where it's going to its final destination safely

Fast-Track Your Success with Our Same-Day Delivery Service In California

Areas we serve: Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Riverside County AND MORE! 

In business, time waits for no one.  That's where Asteroid Express comes in. We are one of the best Same-Day delivery services in Orange County and anywhere in California. 
Our Same-Day delivery services are expressly designed for those ultra-urgent packages or shipments that need to reach their destination as soon as possible. 

" We Deliver Quality And Satisfaction."

Premium Same-Day Delivery Services

Your business doesn't stick to regular hours, and neither do we. 
Round the clock, day or night, Asteroid Express is your trustworthy partner for all same-day delivery services in Orange County and California in general.

Style & Speed - Delivered in One Package

When your package needs to be somewhere fast, count on us. 
Designed with a commitment to speed and reliability, our Same-Day Delivery Service ensures that your package isn’t just shipped fast, but handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Keeping Promises, One Delivery at a Time

At Asteroid Express, we believe that a business's word is its bond. We know how essential your packages are for you and your clients. 
And so, we ensure your delivery gets to its destination within the same day—because your promise is our promise.

The Reliable Same-Day Delivery Partner

When it comes to same-day delivery, we've got more than just speed. 
We make sure that your package gets there safely and is handled with the full professionalism and respect it deserves.

Covering Every Corner in No Time

Our Orange County system allows us to navigate through each neighborhood effortlessly, making sure your time-sensitive parcels are never delayed.
Our strategic coverage and optimized routes make us the ideal choice for same-day courier services in all of Southern California and beyond. 

Tracking in Real-Time, Delivered on Time

Keeping track of your package is as easy as sending it. With our advanced tracking system, witness your package's journey from pickup to drop off. 
Trust in Asteroid Express—we're not just fast; we're reliable, and we deliver!

Secure your delivery with us today!

Step into the world of seamless same-day deliveries. Get in touch with us and discover a service specially tailored to your needs.
Let Asteroid Express be your speedy connection to the rest of California, one delivery at a time. 


1. What does Same-Day Delivery Services entail?

Answer: At Asteroid Express, our Same-Day Delivery services in California are designed for the swift and secure delivery of your urgent packages. 


We pick up your package and deliver it to its destination within the same day, ensuring your time-sensitive needs are met promptly without any compromise on safety and professionalism.

2. How fast is the Asteroid Express Same-Day Delivery Service?

Answer: Just as the name suggests, we deliver on the same day!


Order times may vary, but once your package is in our hands, we make it our mission to get it to its destination within the timeframe of that very day. 


Our Same-Day Delivery services in California are efficient, tested, and timely for that speedy connection to the rest of California.  

3. How can I track my same-day delivery with Asteroid Express?

Answer: As a reliable provider of Same-day delivery services in Southern California, you can never lose track of your package with us. 


Our accessible real-time tracking system allows you to check the status of your delivery, from pickup to delivery. 


Keep a watchful eye on your package's progress and know exactly when it will arrive. 


It’s all part of our commitment to reliability and transparency. 

4. Do you operate on weekends and holidays for same-day delivery services?

Answer:  Absolutely! 


At Asteroid Express, we understand that business needs don’t stick to a Monday-to-Friday schedule. 


Our Same-Day delivery services in any county in California operate all days of the week to cater to all your urgent courier needs.

5. How do I schedule a same-day delivery with Asteroid Express?

Answer: Scheduling a same-day delivery with us is as easy as pie! Just head to our website, fill in some details about your shipment, like location, dimensions, and time of delivery. 


Once we receive your request, our prompt and professional team will swing into action, ensuring your package is delivered with speed and security.

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