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Give Your Parcel To Courier Service: 5 Ways To Prepare It!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

So, it’s your mom’s birthday, and you have to send a parcel to her. Well, that’s a great idea to surprise your mother! And, same-day courier service is the best way to do so.

Anyway, when you don’t often send parcels to people, it can take a bit of time to think about where to start! Stop scratching your head and read our today’s blog - This one for you!

Here are some ideas that can guide you in packaging your parcel to keep it safe during the move. Let’s get started!

How to get your parcel ready to send via a courier

First of all, stop being so panic! Your parcel will be safe with our courier service. Still, you have to pack your package correctly and do a few more things before giving it to the delivery service. Such as:

Step 1: Packing your parcel!

Here’s the first and foremost step you have to do! No matter if you are sending a flower bouquet or any jewelry box, the packaging is a MUST! Otherwise, you may end up sending broken or damaged items to your beloved ones.

Don’t take a risk! Start by packing your items in the following way:

  • First, arrange the materials you need for packing like tape, scissors, bubble wrap, cartons, and more. Cover your gift in a general paper wrap and ensure no corner is left open there.

  • Take a wooden box that fits the size of your items. For example, if sending an iPhone to your mother, a wooden box will keep it safe while sending via courier.

  • Then, go for the bubble wrap! You need not break your bank for this. It’s affordable, and you have to get hold of the quality one. Keep your parcel in the middle of the bubble wrap sheet and tie it up using tapes. It will provide your item with better protection during the move.

  • Now, take the carton as per the size you need for further packaging. You can fit the bottom with plastics or packing peanuts if possible. It will mitigate the risk of damage and keep the parcel safe from shock.

  • Finally, seal the cardboards properly using packaging tape as much as possible.

Step 2: Take a measure of the parcel

While booking the courier service, you may have to provide details of the parcel with the measurement. It will decide the charges for your parcel delivery. Make sure to give the information accurately if you can unless you may experience complications.

Step 3: Booking the courier service

Now, it’s time to book the delivery service. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit our website and get free quotes for your parcel delivery.

  • All you need is to fill up the form by providing your packaging details. For instance, mention the pickup and drop-off date with ZIP code, service type, measurement, number of parcels, and more.

  • Finally, submit it and get quotes!

Areas In Which We Provide Courier Service

Orange County , San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Anaheim, Orange, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Fe Springs and more ...

Have you all done? Our experts will be at your doorstep in no time to pick up the parcel. You will get live updates and the delivery confirmation over your phone. Contact us now for the service!

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