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Debunked: 4 MYTHS on same-day courier and delivery service!

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

At Asteroid Express, we often have to face several misconceptions of our clients. Some find it expensive, and for some, self-delivery is better than us, especially when time is everything.

In fact, around 52% of customers find paying more convenient for a same-day courier and delivery service. What if you don’t get that? Every coin has two faces, and both are essential to decide on the right thing.

If you are one of them, you must need to clear most of MYTHS about the shipping services. You must have to pay attention to detail in this regard before believing anything.

Misconceptions about courier service

With the advancement of the internet, e-commerce businesses are on the high rise. Everyone is on the edge of trying to take a step forward to digitalize their company. And, the courier and delivery service is the best solution here.

Still, around 57% of people avoid this and prefer outsourcing their product delivery due to some common myths. Such as:

Coming in higher charges than outsourcing deliveries

For business persons, it’s quite natural to have faith in their employees than professional courier services. That’s why they want them to handle their shipping requirements.

But, with the growing business, you may need to hire more employees to get your job done. Doesn’t it go higher than the charges of professional courier services?

On the other hand, you need not worry about same-day deliveries with courier service, even if too much!

Lack of fast response

Around 53% of individuals and business persons think that courier services do not come with an instant response. That’s not true! With us, you can get an immediate confirmation mail and same-day delivery.

Also, our team uses an advanced GPS tracking system. It makes the customer feel convenient to get real-time updates of their product delivery. Our drivers and staff are trained and more professional than your employees.

Self-delivery is a safer and faster alternative!

Is that true? For individuals, if there requires one-time delivery, you can do it on your own or ask someone to do so. But the condition is when the location is nearest to yours, and there is no deadline. Otherwise, hiring our courier service is apt.

On the contrary, while running a business, consistency is a must. And, our courier services can help you to meet that. Even if the item is fragile enough to handle it with care, our staff is trained to do so.

Delay in delivery is OK!

Well, it’s a big NO! The days are gone now when people don’t require immediate service. People order their products online, expecting same-day delivery most times.

That’s why you must go for a courier service for one-hour pick-up and AM-PM service no matter if you are an individual or run a business. We offer same-day courier service and on-time shipment.

Honestly, MYTHS are nothing but a waste of time and panic. If you need an urgent shipment, count on our staff. You won’t regret it! Contact us just by a call at ( 714 ) 326-3230 today!

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