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Courier Service and Postal Service: Are They Same?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Apparently, it sounds ‘YES’ for some but not at all! If you are one of those who consider Courier service just similar to postal, get out of your assumptions. The basic difference between these two services is their speed and time of delivery packages and parcels.

Postal service is a way of transporting parcels and small packages that takes near a week or more to reach their destination. On the other hand, you can expect even same-day delivery from the courier service. The latter one collects and transfers your parcel within the shortest frame as much as possible.

Apart from this, a few differences are there that people often don’t notice. In today’s blog, we have shown up with some of those. Keep on reading!

What’s the difference between the courier and postal service?

We have mentioned here some of the functions of courier services that will help you find out how it is different from postal delivery. Such as follows:

Tracking options!

Do you remember the days when you waited for your parcel and expected it to come every morning? And, finally, it arrived after a week! Well, the days are gone with the emergence of courier service. You need not wait for it so long because of their real-time tracking features.

With the tracking system, you can check the routes where your parcel and the time how long it will take more. The courier service is more convenient than postal delivery to track the shipments.

Speed and delivery time

Yes, on the one side, you are getting accurate information about your shipment’s whereabouts, while on the other, same-day delivery is accessible. Here, the biggest difference lies between the postal and courier service.

A postal service company can never assure you of same-day delivery even if you have an urgency. But with our courier service, you can have the chance of choosing speed options like 2-hour or 4-hour delivery.


No matter if you are sending a small parcel or freight, proper packing is a MUST. Yes, it may sound simple, but not that easy nut to crack! The courier service ensures that your goods are safe and packed in order before departure. Moreover, the experts can guide you here on packing your goods, especially when the item is fragile.

Contrarily, the postal service will refuse your package with improper packing. Hence, you have to pay attention to the packing service hee more than anything else.

So, which one are you finding convenient?

Size restrictions!

The weight and size restrictions are more in the postal services than the courier delivery. Hence, a huge cargo may not be acceptable here but to the other one. With our courier service, you can get access to any size of shipment. Also, we use cargo vans to deliver your large packages safely.

So, what’s your choice? If you have decided on the courier service, contact us! We ensure you a safe and on-time delivery even on the same day. For more blogs, stay in touch!

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